Cultivate Excellence with AI-Enhanced Behavioural Assessments

Redefining Recruitment & Selection, Leadership, and Sales Success

Experience a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the way you approach recruitment, leadership development, and sales capacity building. Our AI-enhanced Behavioural Assessments unlock unparalleled insights into individuals' behaviour, enabling smarter hiring decisions, personalized leadership growth, and optimized sales strategies.

Deep Dive into Behavioural Competencies

Embrace the future of professional excellence with our transformative approach, tailored to reshape the landscape of recruitment, leadership, and sales effectiveness.

With a library of over 1,500 categorized competencies, you’ll receive very personalized and specific results for each candidate/employee. Our cutting-edge technology leverages advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your behavioural data and reveal patterns that may have been previously unnoticed.

By delving deep into behavioural data, we empower businesses to discover hidden talents, nurture exceptional leaders and elevate sales teams, driving unprecedented success and growth.

AI-Enhanced Recruitment & Selection

AI-Enhanced Leadership Development

AI-Enhanced Sales Capacity Development

Deepen the Extended DISC® difference with interactive AI-driven reporting!

Unlock the full potential of your behavioral assessment Experience a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth through our AI-driven, iterative approach that takes your behavioral assessment to new heights.

Personalized recommendations for continuous improvement Receive dynamic and personalized recommendations from our AI platform that guide you in developing specific leadership competencies, enabling you to make meaningful progress over time.

Elevate your insights with AI-powered analysis Harness the power of AI to delve deeper into your behavioral assessment results, uncover hidden patterns, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique leadership style.

Embrace the future of behavioral assessments Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the innovative combination of AI technology and behavioral assessments, opening new possibilities for self-awareness, growth, and leadership effectiveness.

Interactive learning for ongoing development Engage in an interactive and iterative process with our AI platform, where you can explore different scenarios, receive targeted feedback, and continually refine your leadership approach.

Unleash your leadership potential with AI-driven insights Leverage the advanced analytical capabilities of our AI platform to gain valuable insights, challenge assumptions, and unlock new possibilities for leadership excellence.

Extended DISC® vs. DISC

Extended DISC® provides insights into both the conscious and unconscious domains. The reports address
the individual’s natural style and the perceived need To adjust.
Behavior Disc Extended DISC®
Work role
Desired behavior
Corporate culture
Adjusted behavior
More energy
Spontaneous behavior
Pressure behavior
Natural behavior
Less stressful behavior
Less energy


Revolutionize Your Path to Success: Unlock the Power of AI-Enhanced Behavioural
Assessments Across Recruitment, Leadership, and Sales


Precision in Hiring
AI-driven assessments reveal candidates’ true potential, aiding smarter hiring choices and ensuring cultural fit for your organization.


Enhanced Self-Discovery
Gain profound insights into your leadership style, pinpointing hidden strengths and areas of improvement, empowering your journey to influential leadership.


Optimize Sales Excellence
Identify unique sales strengths within your team, transforming interactions into opportunities; AI insights enable targeted coaching for unparalleled sales effectiveness.


Customized Growth Roadmaps
Tailor leadership and sales strategies to focus on areas with maximum impact, fostering continuous improvement.


Continuous Evolution
Leverage AI-powered feedback loops, offering dynamic learning experiences in recruitment, leadership, and sales, ensuring your team stays ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.

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