“CARI-CODE and Productivity Plus have been active users of Extended DISC® solutions in our work with clients for several years.

 We have found the Extended DISC® tools to be invaluable in any intervention that requires individuals, teams or organizations to change their behaviours. They are very effective in pinpointing the strengths and the areas for development of individuals in the context of the roles that they are required to play at work.

 We have used the Extended DISC® reports to good effect in our coaching interventions with consistently positive feedback from our clients.

 We are committed to long term usage of Extended DISC® tools as they are reliable and provide unique insights to guide our service to clients.

We have found the team to be highly responsive and technically sound collaborators.”

Ilsa duVerney

J.P., M.A., O.D.C.C., Certified Organisation Development (OD) Consultant - Founder/Chairman/CEO of Caribbean Centre for Organisation Development Excellence Limited (CARI-CODE)

“Thank you very much for the time that you spent with us last week - your intervention, with the DISC behaviours analysis, has produced excellent results! My newly recruited team now has a better understanding of how we fulfil each programme area using a cohesive and integrated approach. Thank you once again!"
Olayinka Jacobs-Bonnick
fmr. Director British Council Jamaica
“I have gained such insights about myself and others. As I come face to face with, and accept my personal behavioural style, and practice understanding the preferred styles of others, I am empowered. ( DISC ) has allowed me to recognize, understand, and plan to harmoniously guide different behavioural styles to achieve the best while working with others. This is truly empowering, enriching and transforming.”
Jean Beaumont
“I have been involved in executive management for the better part of 20 years with more than my fair share of success. (Extended DISC® ) has provided a new and exciting angle from which I can now pursue my passion for people, team and organizational development.”
Livingstone Morrison
fmr. Deputy Governor of Bank of Jamaica (Central Bank)
"It was a unique educational experience in coaching, mentorship and leadership behaviour which provided a framework to diagnose and build successful collaborative relationships. It empowered me to effect change through a new understanding of behavioural styles through self-analysis and application of the Extended DISC® framework. The facilitators were knowledgeable, patient and engaging in imparting the concepts. Practical tools such as cases and interactions with practitioners were used to demonstrate concepts and give insights into the complex behavioural issues inside and outside the workplace."
Lurline Cummings
Information Resource Specialist at Grace Kennedy Ltd.
“I have been delighted with their innovation and high impact solutions and have continued to engage with them in my varied executive roles over 12 years. Their unique application and behavioural diagnostics sets them apart in the areas of team building, supervisory performance management, leadership development and targeted interventions.”
Odeth Reynolds
Chief Human Resource Officer – Jamaica Energy
“As a professional who has been helping people maximize their potential for nearly 10 years now, I knew that I found an amazing tool that I could use to do an even better job.”
Kalando Wilmoth
Chief Strategist - The Write House
“ ( Extended DISC® ) has also allowed me to have a better understanding of myself, so that I can leverage my strengths instead of unwittingly playing to my weaknesses. This sharpens my mentoring skills and motivational venture and adds valuable legitimacy to my work….it is effective in every-day real-world ways, and it improves my productivity in all areas, especially the following:
  • Public Speaking, Negotiation, Interviewing, Listening and counseling
  • Motivation (intra- and interpersonal)
  • Healthy intra- and interpersonal dialogue
  • Assessment of my own strengths and weaknesses
  • The provision of a ‘blueprint’ to enhance strengths and erase weaknesses
The removal of biases and ego-reflex responses prevents imputing motives to others based on the body language of their preferred communication style.”
Ann Henriques