Extended DISC® vs. DISC


Carl G. Jung created the foundations for DISC theory in his book The Psychological Types by defining a four dimensional behavioural map.  His ideas were based on defining two behavioural axes; sensing-intuition and thinking-feeling, and the four main behavioural traits that they composed.

As a result, the four-quadrant thinking of human behaviour was developed. A few variations of the theory also exist that use, for example, eight or sixteen categories of behavioural styles.  The over-simplification of behaviour and its classifications have proven to be a weakness of these DISC systems.

Extended DISC® assessments are based on the DISC model. However, there are fundamental differences.


Traditional DISC tools only measure conscious behaviour, despite the fact that we do respond to changes in the environment.

By overlooking this perceived need to adjust that is reflected in the unconscious behaviourthere is no so-called test-retest validity. This has the potential to skew developmental plans.

Extended DISC® provides insights into both the conscious and unconscious domains. The reports address the individual’s Natural Style and the Perceived Need To Adjust.

This means that the individual and those who utilize the reports can make assessments as to range of considerations.

Does the Perceived Need To Adjust appropriately reflect the situation?If so, is the adjustment evident, can it be supported?

Could the individual be better deployed?

Could these explain to the individual some of the stress that they are experiencing in the role as the desired behaviour is too far from their comfort zone?


Extended DISC® identifies 160 behavioural styles – 40 for each of the four quadrants. Many DISC tools identify a fraction of those styles.

This gives the appearance of generic reporting and impacts negatively on the credibility of the tools among users. In large groups, there is the high probability that participants may get identical reports.

In addition to the depth of the identified styles, Extended DISC® has over 200,000,000 unique DISC results to ensure employees receive very personalized and specific results.

“One client said “DISC measures who shows up on the first date and Extended DISC® who you are in a relationship 5 years later.” (Extended DISC® USA)


From the outset, Extended DISC® has been a pace setter with respect to the deployment of technology in the area of behavioural assessments.

However, no single leap has had the impact of the revolutionary FinxS® Platform. FinxS® offers at no additional cost the equivalent of an electronic blank canvas on which you can create the kinds of reports that you desire.

From own branding to images, text and access to the vast FinxS® Competency Library there is no limit to what you can create. At the same time, the FinxS® Platform allows you to be as hands-off as you wish.

We offer turn-key assessment services with options for coaching and formal User Certification.

So, why Extended DISC®?

  • Depth of analysis – 160 specific styles. 200,000,000 unique results.
  • One questionnaire creates multiple reports at no additional cost.
  • Capture both conscious and unconscious behaviour to ensure that development and modification plans are not distorted.
  • Potential stress relief from being able to identify the gap between one’s natural style and the perceived need to adjust.
  • The ability to achieve role fit analysis – get the right person in the right role under the right style of leadership.
  • The avoidance of forced results by the assurance that invalid results will be rejected by the system.
  • Ease of interpretation and self-analysis – user friendly text and graphics
  • Your company – your corporate design! Own report design with logo, pictures, colors, names and own look of answering interface
  • Use customized job templates
  • Automate administration features – Invitation & Reminder Emails
  • Assessments can be customised to client’s requirements using the extensive system resources of over 1500 competencies – Managerial, Sales, Customer Service, Team, Security, Coach, Student, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Healthcare, Retail, Administrative etc.
  • Enabling technology – the revolutionary FinxS® Platform and Report Designer “Playground”
  • Add own open-ended questions to any questionnaire
  • Access to the FinxS® blank electronic canvas to create your dream reports or choose one of the many role-related reports that are available in the FinxS® Playground.
  • The assurance that Extended DISC® assessments are extensively and continually validated worldwide.
  • The ability to create sophisticated pair, team and group reports, Reasoning & Capabilities Testing, Open 3600 Assessments
  • In the final analysis, Extended DISC® provides more depth in a wider array of purpose-specific areas in a readily digestible, easily accessible, and convenient format.