Hire Smart Recruitment with AI Video interviewing technology

Have you ever asked yourself before interviewing a recruitment candidate “Is this the start of another bad hire?”

DISC AI Video Recruitment solution combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) video interviewing technology with Extended DISC® job role fit behavioural assessment to present you with the ideal candidate that best matches the values, vision and mission of the organization.

DISC AI Video Recruitment – 2 component recruitment and selection strategy

As per our market research of Talent Managers, advantages seen with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video interviewing were:

  • Allow anytime, anywhere interviewing (78%)
  • Allow the sharing of interview videos with multiple hiring officers and allow for comments (72%)
  • Eliminate the need for resources to conduct telephonic screening or face-to-face screening interviews (61%)
  • Reach an unlimited amount of candidates (50%)
  • Reduce “time to fill” (50%)

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Replacing a single employee can cost a company upwards of 30 percent of that employee’s annual salary, depending on the position type and skill level. The more skilled the position, the more expensive it is to find a replacement.

Cost of Hiring One Person

AI Video Recruitment

The rise of video technology has made it easier than ever for
employers to connect with potential employees.

Position your company as an employer of choice by providing candidates with an awesome virtual recruitment experience underpinned by AI and gamification principles!

The module provides an innovative virtual solution which simulates the first line screening process in order to exponentially increase the candidate pipeline and simultaneously decrease turnaround times for placement. It allows you to gain more insight into candidates in far less time than a traditional screening interview.

Extended DISC® Hire Smart Behavioural Diagnostics

In most organizations, there is a tendency to only define the “technical” requirements for jobs – professional skills, training/education, work experience, language skills, etc. A seminal Harvard study attributed 85% of success to Inter-personal skills and only 15% to Technical competence. Most organizations are not equipped to assess the behavioural requirements of a job. Many failures on the job are not based on a lack of professional skills but on deficiencies in dealing with people and communication problems. In the quest to bridge this gap, Extended DISC® assessments lend support to the role fit evaluation process.

Extended DISC® Role Fit Behavioural DNA Analysis highlights both the respondent’s (a) perceived need to adjust as well as their (b) preferred style. The unique Role Fit feature matches their relative comfort with performing a battery of competencies. This allows you to directly map individual’s behavioural orientation with the requirements of the job.

Report Extract - Image is the property of Extended DISC® and FinxS® Oy Ltd. and presented with their permission


The Role Fit process involves the alignment of the “Ideal Job Profile” Template with the values, vision and mission of the organization. This produces value-adding outcomes including:


The Role Fit process along with the in-depth diagnostics establish the critical success factors with respect to each job. The reports provide a point-by-point framework underpinning key performance measures that govern each job.

Replacing a single employee can cost a company upwards of 30 percent of that employee’s annual salary, depending on the position type and skill level.

Hiring the right people is a critical element of Strategic HR. The investment in insightful screening technology is miniscule when compared to the risks related to a single bad hire.

When Extended DISC® job role fit assessment is used in conjunction with AI Video Recruitment, a comprehensive picture is made available, assuring best hiring decisions.