FinxS® Management 52

FinxS® Management 52 reports aids in understanding and developing the critical skills necessary for your managers to become more effective leaders. It identifies the strengths and development areas in 52 key management competences.

FinxS® Management 52 Competences
Analytical problem solving
Enhancing creativity
Logical decision-making
Results orientation
Analytical thinking
Entrepreneurial orientation
Logical problem solving
Risk preparation
Attention to details
Managing performance
Collaborating with others
Fostering innovation
Managing relationships
Conceptual strategic thinking
Fostering teamwork
Organizational skills
Stress management
Conflict resolution
Health and safety focus
Participative management
Supporting teamwork
Creative innovation
Influencing others
Thinking innovation
Critical information seeking
Personal effectiveness
Customer focus
Promoting empowerment
Time management
Inter-personal relations
Providing motivational support
Verbal communication
Intuitive problem solving
Quality control
Vision and goal setting
Drive for results
Involving people
Quality focus
Wider thinking
Embracing change
Relating to people
Written communication

You control what competences you want to assess, whether just a few or all the 52 management competences. This report can be generated once the candidate has competed the 10-minute questionnaire.

The FinxS® Management 52 competencies are clearly distinct and further broken down into 15 specific behaviors to identify development areas and specific support needed.

FinxS® Management 52 is ideal for use in the selection and development of your Managers, Vice Presidents, Directors and C-level leaders.

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