The need to initiate leadership development programs has been reinforced by recent events. Organizations recognize that there is an urgent need to undertake institutional strengthening of their Leadership Team at all levels so as to better achieve their objectives and build in resiliency.

While the leadership development programs will have different components, one constant is the realization of the critical need to apply the principle of diagnosis before prognosis.

That is why the completion of Extended DISC® Leadership DNA assessments are a prerequisite for many leadership development programs.

Step 1: Establishing Context-based Role Alignment

Tasking someone to lead a battalion in a fierce battle as against providing counselling in an all-girls high school immediately conjures up different images as to behaviour on-the-job. Leadership roles also have subtle nuances and require different approaches for effective performance.

Converting those nuances to a body of observable competencies provides the platform for more focused and effective execution of leadership responsibilities – individually and collectively

Step 2: Create Ideal Job Role Templates for Leadership Roles

Individuals (4-6) who know what is expected from job roles complete an Extended DISC® ideal behaviour template for the leadership roles. The concept is that these raters operate on the assumption that if they could create someone to perform the role, this is how they would ideally behave.

The individual scores are combined by the FinxS® system to produce a benchmark for each competence. Those benchmarks are used to inform gap analysis for targeted development.

Gaps around the benchmarks are solely an indication of the level of energy or focus that the individual needs to perform a competence. They are not to be interpreted in the context of efficiency, effectiveness or similar performance evaluations.

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Step 3: Complete Competency-based Behavioural Assessments

The leadership team completes an online Extended DISC®/FinxS®-driven Leadership DNA Analysis.

Extended DISC® Leadership DNA results include information on the individual’s behavioural preferences and their orientation to a battery of competencies.

In addition, the results of the entire Leadership Team are overlaid on a cross-section of customized Extended DISC® Team Maps. These Team Maps provide amazing insights and depth to discourse around Visioning, Alignment and Team Dynamics.

Step 4: 360 Competency-based Gap Analysis

This step is designed to identify competency gaps that have direct impact on individual and team performance.

A rigorous online questionnaire is used to get feedback on each member of the Leadership Team from their supervisor, peers and direct reports.

Extended DISC® experts are available to work with your team or consultant to develop the competency-based questionnaire to be used in the exercise.

The FinxS® online 360 survey engine is used to manage the process seamlessly and to generate the individual reports


Understanding self to a deeper level through the completion of the Extended DISC® Leadership DNA assessment provides participants and course facilitators with powerful insights that take the intervention to another level.

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