How 360 Assessments Can Clarify Your Leadership Challenges

Leader Type I: None so deaf and blind…

Some leaders will simply close themselves off from unsettling information or deny its veracity such they will not recognize the real extent of the danger until it is too late.

Leader Type 2: Alternative theory

 Some leaders will craft alternative interpretation of the facts and end up being faced with taking corrective action when the situation has become almost uncontrollable. This is like the people who refuse to accept hurricane warnings and only really accept them when they lose their roofs.

Leadership Type 3: Soon come..

These leaders suffer from the procrastination disease. Things get out of control not because they were not aware of the danger. Not because they did not accept it as a real danger. It is just that they lay out plans to deal with it that they keep pushing back for any number of reasons. They will get tracking tomorrow. When tomorrow comes…well tomorrow… and then tomorrow.

Leadership Type 4: Inconvenient

 These leaders fall into 2 sub-categories. One set is highly structured and organized. They follow their carefully crafted plans to the T and refuse to be “distracted” by unfolding events. Emerging crises might be overlooked in favour of being organized.

The other category might be accused of being harbouring feelings of entitlement. This problem has bad timing or it is turning up in an inconvenient form. “I really can’t deal with that right now.”

Leadership Type 5: We are OK.

 Self-confidence is a positive trait. Over-confidence is not.

Some leaders could benefit from a good dose of reality checking or even paranoia. There over-confidence will cause them to miss warning signs and be made to pay a high price.

Leadership Type 6: What’s the difference?

 This is a hard one to take but will be a reality. These leaders will pick up the warnings and be clear about the danger. However, instead of following established protocol they devise their own strategy. The real frustration with them comes when they try to extricate themselves from the disaster with flimsy protestations.

Leadership Type 7: Compliant, but alas

There are leaders who will check all the boxes and despite their best efforts the crisis is not averted. They continue to soldier on but the unfortunate circumstances prevail for a while longer.

We celebrate this type of leader!


Would it not be useful to identify in advance what type of leaders are in mission critical positions?

We strongly recommend conducting Open 360 assessment for your leadership corps on the revolutionary FinxS® Platform from Extended DISC®.

Our 360 solution is customizable. It allows for any number of question groups and competencies. Assessors are able to give scores as well as open-ended responses for each question.

The system uses a 5-point Likert scale, but other scales can be accommodated. It then uses the -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 scores to prepare data-rich reports that are supported by a raft of graphical presentation options.

The Extended DISC®/FinxS® Platform Open 360 assessment accommodates a variety of rater options for example: Self, Supervisor, Peers, Direct Reports.

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