What Is Role Fit Recruitment?

Role Fit Recruitment is the anchor for Hiring Smart!

It is a winning strategy because it gets the right people in the right roles under the right leadership. Since people are the key to competitiveness Role Fit holds the key to major strategic breakthroughs.

  • Develop a competency-based behavioural “Ideal Profile” template for each role.
  • Invite candidates to complete role-specific Personal Behavioural DNA Analyses with benchmarking against the “Ideal Profile” for the role.
  • Prepare an Interview Map to guide laser-focused questioning and interaction with the candidates.
  • Use the unique Hire Smart multi-person report to carry out a line-by-line comparative analysis among the candidates and against the benchmarking “Ideal Profile” template.
  • Review the responses to the appended open-ended Behavioural Interviewing questionnaire. Candidates provide historical evidence of their demonstration of select values and response to specific challenges.
  • Analyze the survey responses that are included in the comprehensive assessment package along with the psychometric and competency-based components.

It is not WHAT you do but HOW you do it!

In many organizations, there is a tendency to define the “technical” requirements for jobs – professional skills, training/education, work experience, language skills, etc. However, that approach misses the critical value of assessing the behavioural requirements of a job.

Many failures on the job are not based on a lack of professional skills but on deficiencies in dealing with people and communication problems.

A seminal Harvard study attributed 85% of success to Inter-personal skills and only 15% to Technical competence.

Reduce post-hire surprises

Many organizations wonder what happened to the person we interviewed and who is this impostor. Candidates are trained to ace traditional interviews.
The Hire Smart process brings a much higher level of transparency to hiring processes. It provides the best opportunity to getting the right person in the right role.

Vision, Mission And Values Alignment

The Role Fit process involves the alignment of the "Ideal Job Profile" Template with the values, vision and mission of the organization. This produces value-adding outcomes including:

  • Gaining clarity about the job and identifying facets that might not otherwise be recognized up front.
  • Analyzing and working through differences of opinion among key stakeholders as to how the job ought to be performed

Performance In The Role

The Role Fit process along with the in-depth diagnostics establish the critical success factors with respect to each job.
The reports provide a point-by-point framework underpinning key performance measures that govern each job.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

High employee turnover is not only disruptive but can also be a significant drain on a business’ bottom line and performance..

Replacing a single employee can cost a company upwards of 30 percent of that employee’s annual salary, depending on the position type and skill level. The more skilled the position, the more expensive it is to find a replacement. The chart below outlines the cost of replacing employees in different positions:

Turnover Cost as Percentage of Annual Salary

Position TypePercent of Annual Salary
Entry-Level, Non-Skilled30 – 50%
Service/Production40 – 70%
Clerical/Administrative50 – 80%
Skilled Hourly75 – 100%
Professional75 – 125%
Technical100 – 150%
Supervisor100 – 150%

The costs associated with employee turnover can be broken down into four main categories:

  1. Separation costs
  2. Replacement costs
  3. Productivity costs
  4. Reputational costs.

If we are honest with ourselves we will admit that it is challenging to knowingly hire someone who we are not going to get along with at work. Consequently, applicants are coached to focus on being liked by the interviewers. That does not mean that those selected are in fact the best fit for the job.

Unfortunately, this process is not all that great at predicting job performance. Less than one-third of the hires made using this process are considered ideal. And about one in four hires is a complete mis-hire, with the majority of hires being merely workable.

Hiring the right people is a critical element of Strategic HR. 

The investment in insightful behavioural DNA assessments is miniscule when compared to the risks related to a single bad hire. 


The entire Assessment and Candidate Screening process includes:
  1. The Ideal Profile development
  2. Role-specific DNA Behavioural Analyses
  3. Role Fit – Gap Analysis scores for key competences
  4. Evidence provided in response to the brief survey
  5. Profile-linked interview questions
  6. Multi-person, competence-by-competence Comparative Analysis

For Best Results

The ideal scenario is that we set up a FinxS Platform user account for your organization. We take a select number of your team through the Extended DISC Power User certification.

That will empower you to carry out the user-friendly administrative processes.

You also have the option of having our expert team complete the process for you.

You send us the Job Description and supplemental information for the position being filled. We will send the Ideal Profile data collection instrument to be completed by persons who know the requirements of the job.

The electronic forms should be completed by ideally 4 and up to 10 persons. The exercise should take about 10 – 15 minutes. The exercise should be completed independently and without consultation with other raters. The results should be scanned and e-mailed to us.

NOTE: That process in NOT a requirement. Our team has considerable experience and will draw on that to develop your Ideal Job Profile Template.

With the Ideal Job Profile Template in place, we can return the controls to you so that you set up the online assessment for the candidates and send links that will take them directly to the answering portal. Timelines should be established with the candidates for the completion of the assessment.

The system will then process the information and produce the Behavioural DNA report for the role you selected for each applicant.

You have the option of accessing multi-person comparative competency-based results, and the situational open-ended survey responses.

We look forward to helping you achieve an excellent fit for the roles involved. Role Fit is one of the most challenging areas confronting Recruitment & Selection professionals at this time.

The cost of Bad Hires is widely understated. Invest in getting the right person in the right role, under the right style of leadership.

Check out how to reduce bad hires!

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The Onboarding Challenge

Many good hiring exercises have been frustrated by poor onboarding experiences.

New recruits are individuals first and hires after. Organizations can reap rich rewards from making insights from the hiring diagnostics available to those responsible for integrating the new team member smoothly into the organization.

Avoid lengthy behavioural trial and error games and establish the framework for more meaningful connection from DAY 1.

Check out how assessment-driven Onboarding can save you a lot of frustration and help to retain high quality talent!