Time is one of our most valuable and yet most fleeting resources. Effective management of time lies at the heart of human and organizational success.

Completing Extended DISC® Time And Task Management DNA Assessment and the companion Extended DISC® Team Time Management assessment has the potential to facilitate the recovery of time for greater efficiency and more productive use.

The assessment includes directly relevant behavioural competencies from the vast FinxS® Competency Library.

The diagnostic process incorporates a companion questionnaire.

The reports come with a truly insightful Time & Task Management handbook.


Complete your Your Time Management DNA Diagnosis on the FinxS® Platform from Extended DISC®.

This unique competency-based diagnosis will identify strengths to build on and gaps that are impacting your performance.

Review Your Behavioural Style Orientation

Your innate behavioural preferences are central to understanding your approach to time and task management and for achieving success from your preferred style.

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