Why conduct Employee Engagement Surveys?



Deloitte surveys highlight that over 66% of employees are not actively engaged. Low employment engagement is one of the major challenges facing organizations.


Another issue is the challenge of maintaining a Values-based culture. Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to hold true to the values and purpose that were the pillars on which the founders built the entity. Similarly, start-ups recognize that communicating their values, vision and mission is more challenging than it appears on the surface.

Performance Management

When we reduce performance to its core essence it relies heavily on the behaviour of individuals – alone or in concert with others. Improving performance then is a function of defining and encouraging the behaviours that add value. Most organizations fail to capture those behaviours in readily relatable terms. They are also challenged to make them available in an easily accessible format across the organization.

Employee Needs

The performance issue cannot be readily separated from the challenge of identifying and satisfying the disparate needs of employees.

Here is a sample of expressed needs:

“I have gotten so many responses from persons craving for recognition more than reward.”

“Employees value relationship with their superiors, how they are treated will make them go the extra mile.”

 “Employees want to feel connected, respected, valued and listened to, one on one, hold them accountable but also value them.”

“The other thing that is important to them is flexibility – working from home, flexible hours, greater use of technology.”

“Employees tend to stay when they feel supported and connected to leadership.”

“Simple things like saying good morning have been shown to create an environment where employees feel valued and improve morale.”

“I find that identifying what is important to my team and providing that, whether its empathy, recognition or empowerment or all three motivates them to perform far above our expectations. Doing this sometimes means me stepping outside my comfort zone, but it’s worth it.”

“While some persons are self-motivated, an occasional “You did an awesome job,” or “I appreciate what you did” goes a far way with employee motivation.”

The Changing Age Dynamics In The Workforce

Complaints from Managers about not being able to understand younger generation employees – notably Millennials – abound.

“Yes, these Millennials are unpredictable in their expectations and they are very bold in communicating such. Understanding them is key in keeping them fully engaged.”

“I have experienced the change in work environment where Millennials are concerned. Their attitude is predominantly work-to-rule. Not interested in overtime. Work life balance is very important to them.”

“Yes, there is a definite change. Employees are no longer prepared to make the job a priority at the expense of themselves. Work life balance is just as important. They value all the other aspects of their lives as much as the job. When this is facilitated they are actually more productive and act more empowered.”

The Solution – Extended DISC® Surveys on the revolutionary FinxS® Platform

Extended DISC® Surveys are designed to give organizations the capacity to keep their fingers on the pulse of what is happening with their employees.

This capacity can be applied in a cross-section of organization development, talent management and leadership development projects.

Developing a high performance organization requires that the leadership is in sync with perceptions, needs, aspirations and actual experiences of its people.

Extended DISC® Surveys collects individual responses objectively and confidentially and organizes them into insightful, readily-digestible reports. This provides an important compass that guides the organization to the achievement of its objectives.

At the same time, the survey data provide great value in benchmarking results across periods and operating units..

Ease of Implementation

Conducting surveys on the revolutionary FinxS® platform is simple and easy.. It eliminates all the administrative head-scratching by infusing a series of features that removes the burden of tracking and administrative set-p from the user.

We even have a battery of questions that you can use to create your own instruments. We provide support in the setting up of surveys.

Speedy Information-rich Reports

We work with you to ensure that each survey generates the desired information. The FinxS® Platform allows for a great deal of flexibility in the reports. Rich graphics enrich the data and facilitate interpretation.

Next Steps

Contact us to discuss the implementation of a Workforce Climate Survey, Employee Satisfaction or Engagement Survey or Customer/Supplier Survey.

We will guide you through the simple process. Alternatively, we will set up and conduct the survey with your input and provide you with a final report and our guiding insights.


Data is king!

Use surveys to capture data across units and periods to keep ahead of the game.

The Heartbeat of the Organization

So much can go so wrong so quickly. Surveys revealed a sense among the staff that the leadership is out of touch with what is going on on the ground.

If that is not the case, then they are failing to communicate effectively (another grouse.)

Employee engagement surveys add more value than the powerful insights that leaders receive. They also send a message that  leaders care. That is why we strongly advocate that leaders communicate what they have learned and what they plan to do about the information.

Keep with finger on the pulse of the organization with an Extended DISC® survey on the revolutionary FinxS® Platform.

Track Change and Performance

Extract the power of surveys by plotting trends.

Compare period over period to identify the trajectory of the organization.

Resist the temptation to frequently overhaul the survey instrument. Keep important questions in place so that you can track change.

Surveys are also valuable in monitoring intra-organization trends. How are units performing across periods.

There is also the capacity to compare units against the same criteria.

These factors provide the organization with the data to drive more effective performance management. Similarly, strategic planning is boosted by this flood of current, directly relevant information.

Gather Information on Customers

Extended DISC® Surveys on the revolutionary FinxS® Platform is not confined to studies within the organization.

You can conduct surveys of customers and even your supply chain.

Surveying customers has many benefits:

  1. Get structured feedback on your products and services.
  2. Get a sense of how they view the organization overall.
  3. Identify issues, concerns and challenges.
  4. Identify unmet needs – new opportunities.
  5. Learn of potential opportunities for collaboration.
  6. Open the channel for further dialogue.

Decide now to add Extended DISC® surveys to your success toolkit!

Combine Employee Satisfaction with select 360 Assessments

Here is suggestion that will yield powerful results.

Coordinate the conduct of your Employee Engagement/Satisfaction so as to undertake 360 assessments of the leadership cadre within the same time frame. Do not do them currently to avoid survey fatigue. Ideally, 3 – 6 months with allow for a sufficient degree of currency of the data.

The benefit is that you get to relate the surveys gleanings with perceptions related to the leadership cadre.

Leaders have the opportunity to get another perspective of their role in the organization.

Keep your finger on the pulse with surveys