3 Encouraging Lessons from Covid-19


Covid-19 is teaching us lessons, if we pay attention. Many of the lessons will make us better people and the world a better place. 


I am undertaking an initiative in which I am renewing and revitalizing my connections. Some of these were fleeting and information about the other party had faded.

I have been blown away by the level of responsiveness to my requests to reconnect. This is taking place despite the fact that the other party might also have no recollection as to how the initial contact was made.

The refreshing thing is the willingness to share. This is not about sending forwards. This is about busy professionals pausing to manifest the fact that we are at our core, social beings and interconnected.


One interesting thing that emerged from the exchanges is that with precious few exceptions, people recognized that there were issues occupying their thoughts for which they did not have answers. 

They saw how they could benefit from assistance. This reinforced the fact that as humans we are interdependent. We are not islands unto ourselves.  The readiness to collaborate was striking. 

Another twist was that some individuals thought that I was reaching out in search of assistance. Every single one of those who had this understanding of my request, instantly raised their hands in willingness to offer support. 

Life can be beautiful, even in the midst of one of the worst crises in human history. There is a generosity of spirit that we need to bring to the fore more often.

Let us step back and reflect on the fact that we share this space that we call earth. Our actions and even our very thoughts have implications for others.

We have to ask: “Is it really just my business?”

Our interconnectedness is too frequently overlooked or played down. Be encouraged by the fact that there are many who still get it.


In my interactions, it is difficult to miss the buzz of activity that is taking place. Physical isolation seems to have let loose a stream of energy and focus that is driving high levels of output. 

For me, I am getting so much more done!

I am encouraged by this because it means that we have the capacity to achieve more, if we adopt the right mindset and create the appropriate conditions. Let us take lessons about new ways of working so as to be more productive going forward.


If there is one thing that is absolutely true, is that Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on us. It would be a greater tragedy if we failed to learn the lessons that it is teaching us. Our commitment should be to use this period to make the adjustments that will bolster us to face similar challenges. 

This is a time to build individual and collective capacity. We should each make a commitment to develop ourselves in some way.  Being mentally stronger is a good start.

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