How Silence Messes Up Teamwork Plus A 4-Step Solution

What if the complainers are not your biggest problem? What if silence has deafened your ears to serious underlying issues? What if suffering in silence is masking serious discontent? Beneath S-Style Behaviour In our DISCerning Model of Communication, S-Style behaviour is represented as “Reserved/People-oriented”. Features include a willingness to overlook issues with the philosophy that

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How To Improve Team Performance By Being Yourself

Team building exercises emphasize that there is no “I” in TEAM. But there is an equally important sense in which teams fail to function at their best when we fail to wield our personal influence. There is room for recognizing the importance of the YOU in teams. GROUP THINK One of the challenges that organizations

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Figuring out Your New Boss

“A new leader has taken over. How do I get on their right side? “Getting off on the wrong footing can be hard to correct! How do I avoid that?” “Leaders like to identify their go-to people early. How can avoid being left out of the loop?” KNOW YOUR BOSS Read on if you want

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Stay Put or Jump Ship?

Deciding whether to continue in their present job or actively seek alternative employment is a recurring question for mid-career employees.  The challenge is increased for those who are successful in their present job and have an apparently secure future. Deciding really gets difficult for people who joined the organization at an early stage in their

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Happy Anniversary FinxS®

A healthy baby was born 10 years ago. The FinxS® platform from Extended DISC® is a groundbreaking, internationally validated behavioural online assessment engine supporting leading organizations across the globe with forensic level behavioural diagnostics. This information management system provides users with unprecedented experience on designing, managing and applying assessment information. For the first time ever,

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